Pet Storery is a pet store born out of love for our pets. We have seen, in our own lives, the important place our little pet friends occupy in our families and well-being. Besides the joyful having them by our sides, one more question makes us concerned, “After the fur babies are gone, how to fulfill the emptiness they left?” That is why we have created a store that has that love in mind bringing the most unique gifts for pet lovers to share the feelings with them.


Our inspiration at Pet Storery is to produce quality and personalized products that express the love for alive or honor the loss of your beloved pet. Grieving the loss of furry friends is never easy and many of our team members can sympathize, being pet owners ourselves. We understand and put all our heart into everything we do to fulfill our customers’ souls and brighten their life with some little happiness.


You can find lovely items to give to your loved ones who love animals, or for yourself, not only to make it fun with your alive pet but also in memory of a deceased pet. From T-shirts, drinkware to home decor, we do our best to provide you with meaningful gifts.


Get it done: Clients trust us to build things that work and we take that seriously. We respect your feelings when you come to us and our team will overcome obstacles, do our work better and deliver exceptional products to you.

Make something better: We’re passionate, and we love working to make everybody feel better no matter what is going on and for what case you come to us.


We know how great you feel when you’re with your pet. We also know the profound, positive influence your pet has on your life. We welcome any comments, suggestions, praise, or criticism you may have and we promise to make everything better by the time.

Pet Storery Team

Main Address: 454 Las Gallinas Ave, San Rafael, CA 94903

Email: [email protected]